The global energy market is currently going through an important transition process. Successful technology development in the area of Renewable energy sources (RES) and their steady growing competitiveness is promoting more active implementation of the alternative energy generation all over the world. Currently, the shift to RES is no more an issue of the reliability, technical or economic feasibility. Nowadays, the most important factor for the sector development is efficient governmental regulation– namely, the optimal market conditions focused on the investments stimulation, development of scientific/technological and industrial basis in the RES sector.

Absence of an independent body regulating the process of governmental policy formation of RES sector on the one hand, and the demand from the renewable energy market participants for consolidation of efforts and making consolidated decisions on the other hand, stipulated the establishment of the Russia Renewable Energy Development Association.

The Russia Renewable Energy Development Association (RREDA) is a non-profit organization representing the RES sector participants in Russia and aimed to stimulate investments and promote use of the renewable energy generation in the Russian Federation.

Our aim is to consolidate of a wide range of stakeholders, including energy generation companies, RES generation project developers, equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, scientific research centers, and financial institutions in order to promote efficient institutional development of certain infrastructure for the development of RES sector.


Our mission is to eliminate obstacles for RES development and ensure the competitive environment for increased adoption of the RES technologies into the energy system with a view to sustainable development.


increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy balance
expansion of the main and auxiliary RE generating equipment production in the Russian Federation
development of the domestic scientific and technological basis, and implementation of using advanced RES technologies
formation of favorable investment environment via creation of efficient regulatory RES basis
  • consolidation of the Association members efforts, coordination of their activities, and expanding cooperation in the renewable energy sector;
  • joint development of strategic solutions for representing of the Association members participants on the energy market;
  • promotion of the renewable energy development in the Russian Federation;
  • mitigation of the environmental impact caused by conventional power generation;
  • development and implementation of regulation incentives to stimulate renewable energy for energy supply of households and governmental bodies;
  • development of the technical and technological education system for upgrading technical specialists qualification;
  • promotion of the renewable energy generation technology development in the Russian Federation and Eurasian Economic Union countries;
  • support of an international cooperation in the renewable energy sector;
  • support of an academic research and developmental elaborations in the renewable energy sector;
  • promotion of the renewable energy projects efficiency for the Russian and international investment society.
The Association participates in the development and preparation of conclusions on the legal and regulatory acts, orders, resolutions, instructions, and other norms for the renewable energy sector. The Association represents interests of its members and participates in the decision making process on the determination of the governmental policy in the energy sector. Association interacts with the energy sector infrastructure organizations in order to represent the Association members interests.
To become a Member
For becoming a member of the Russia Renewable Energy Development Association, it is necessary to:

Read RREDA regulating documents and fill the Application form for a selected membership Category – download the documents
Send the Application form signed by an authorized person and certified by the organization seal to the electronic address
Acquire a notification from the Association Executive
Pay the entry and membership fees
Acquire a document certifying a membership in the Association
Contacts for membership coordination
The Association members acquire:
access to important information on the RE market conditions
representation of members interests in the Government authorities and infrastructure organization
support in cooperation with the international organizations
access to advanced technologies and financial sources.
Do you wish to enter RREDA?
How to become an Association member

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