The global energy market is currently going through an important transition process. Successful technology development in the area of Renewable energy sources (RES) and their steady growing competitiveness is promoting more active implementation of the alternative energy generation all over the world. Currently, the shift to RES is no more an issue of the reliability, technical or economic feasibility. Nowadays, the most important factor for the sector development is efficient governmental regulation– namely, the optimal market conditions focused on the investments stimulation, development of scientific/technological and industrial basis in the RES sector.

Absence of an independent body regulating the process of governmental policy formation of RES sector on the one hand, and the demand from the renewable energy market participants for consolidation of efforts and making consolidated decisions on the other hand, stipulated the establishment of the Russia Renewable Energy Development Association.

The Russia Renewable Energy Development Association (RREDA) is a non-profit organization representing the RES sector participants in Russia and aimed to stimulate investments and promote use of the renewable energy generation in the Russian Federation.

Our aim is to consolidate of a wide range of stakeholders, including energy generation companies, RES generation project developers, equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, scientific research centers, and financial institutions in order to promote efficient institutional development of certain infrastructure for the development of RES sector.


Our mission is to eliminate obstacles for RES development and ensure the competitive environment for increased adoption of the RES technologies into the energy system with a view to sustainable development.


increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy balance
expansion of the main and auxiliary RE generating equipment production in the Russian Federation
development of the domestic scientific and technological basis, and implementation of using advanced RES technologies
formation of favorable investment environment via creation of efficient regulatory RES basis
consolidation of the Association members efforts, coordination of their activities, and expanding cooperation in the renewable energy sector;
joint development of strategic solutions for representing of the Association members participants on the energy market;
promotion of the renewable energy development in the Russian Federation;
mitigation of the environmental impact caused by conventional power generation;
development and implementation of regulation incentives to stimulate renewable energy for energy supply of households and governmental bodies;
development of the technical and technological education system for upgrading technical specialists qualification;
promotion of the renewable energy generation technology development in the Russian Federation and Eurasian Economic Union countries;
support of an international cooperation in the renewable energy sector;
support of an academic research and developmental elaborations in the renewable energy sector;
promotion of the renewable energy projects efficiency for the Russian and international investment society.
The Association participates in the development and preparation of conclusions on the legal and regulatory acts, orders, resolutions, instructions, and other norms for the renewable energy sector. The Association represents interests of its members and participates in the decision making process on the determination of the governmental policy in the energy sector. Association interacts with the energy sector infrastructure organizations in order to represent the Association members interests.
The Association members acquire:
access to important information on the RE market conditions
representation of members interests in the Government authorities and infrastructure organization
support in cooperation with the international organizations
access to advanced technologies and financial sources.
To become a Member
For becoming a member of the Russia Renewable Energy Development Association, it is necessary to:

Read RREDA regulating documents and fill the Application form for a selected membership Category – download the documents
Send the Application form signed by an authorized person and certified by the organization seal to the electronic address
Acquire a notification from the Association Executive
Pay the entry and membership fees
Acquire a document certifying a membership in the Association
Contacts for membership coordination
RREDA Cochairmen
Anatoliy Chubais
The Chairman of Management Board in ROSNANO Management Company

In 1977, he graduated from Palmiro Togliatti Leningrad Engineering and Economic Institute (LEEI). In 1983, did a Ph. D. in economics with the topic "Research and Development of Planning Methods for Management Enhancement in Industrial Scientific and Technical Organizations". In 2002, graduated from the advanced training department for instructors and experts of Moscow Energy Institute, specializing in "Modern Energy Problems" with a graduation thesis titled "Hydroelectric Development Prospects in Russia".

Professional background

1991 till 1994: Chairman of the State Property Management Committee.
1992 till 1996: Vice Prime Minister, First Vice Prime Minister in economic and financial policy issues.
1995 till 1996: RF delegated manager in the World Bank and IMF.
1996 till 1997: the head of Russia President Administration.
1997 till 1998: First Vice Prime Minister of Russia, Minister of Finance.
1998 till 2008: the Chairman of the "UES of Russia" RJSC Management Board.
Since 2008 till now: Chairman of the Management Board, ROSNANO Management Company.

About the Company

The ROSNANO group is implementing a governmental nanoindustry development policy, acting as a co-investor of nanotechnology projects with significant economic or social potential. The group invests, directly or via investment funds, in high-tech projects creating new production facilities in Russia. The main tasks of the company are commercialization of the nanoindustry development and coordination of innovation activities in nanoindustry.
Kyrill Komarov
The First Deputy Director General of State Corporation Rosatom, Director for the development and international business.

In 1997 graduated with honors from the judiciary faculty of Ural State Jurisprudential Academy. After graduating the Academy, continued postgraduate studies, where acquired a Ph. D. degree in Juridical Science, a thesis titled "Government Management: Economics Instruments ".

Professional Experience

1996 till 2000: working in the YurKon CJSC consulting company (City of Ekaterinburg), developed from expert up to the First Vice President.
Since July 2000 till June 2005: working in the RENOVA group of companies (as the Director for Legal Issues and Project Management in RENOVA CJSC, First Deputy Director General of RENOVA CJSC, and Director General of RENOVA CJSC — Development).
2005 till 2006: Deputy Head of the Federal Water Resource Agency, RF. Since March 2006 till April 2007, Vice President of TWEL OJSC.
Since April 2007: Director General of Atomenergomash OJSC.
December 2007: acquired the position of Atomenergoprom OJSC Deputy Director. September 2008: acquiring the position of Atomenergoprom OJSC Executive Director.
April 2010: acquired the position of Atomenergoprom OJSC Director. Combining this position with the position of Executive Director of the Nuclear Energy Complex in Rosatom State Corporation.
April 2011: acquired the position of Deputy Director General on the development and international business. February 2015: acquiring the position of First Deputy Director General, Director for the Development and International Business. Combining this position with Atomenergoprom OJSC Director.

About the Company

Rosatom (full title: Rosatom, State Nuclear Energy Corporation) is a Russian state corporation, one of the global technology leaders. It combines assets of the nuclear energy industry, design and construction of nuclear power plants, energy mechanical engineering. Rosatom State Corporation, with its total energy output equal to 204.275 billion kWh in 2018, takes the first place in energy generation in Russia. Rosatom is the world leader in the size of the foreign project portfolio (36 energy generation units in 12 countries) and takes the 2nd place in uranium reserve volume. Rosatom activities include scientific researches, production of isotope equipment for nuclear medicine, supercomputers, and software, material engineering, production of various nuclear and non-nuclear innovation products.
Mikhail Lisyansky
Chairman of the Solar Systems Management Board

A graduate of Ufa Petroleum Institute, with a degree in construction engineering, and Samara State Aerospace University with a degree in management.

Professional Experience

Prior to 2004: managing a number of commercial entities.
2003 till 2006: working in the Srednevolzhskaya transregional management energy generation company in the positions of the Deputy Engineering Director for repair and technology renovations, and the Director for service subsidiaries and affiliates.
2006 till 2008: Deputy Managing Director, UES of Russia (business unit No. 2).
2006 till 2008: the Head of the Management Boards of the Wholesale Generation Company 2, Kuzbassenergo, Territorial Generating Company 10.
2008 till 2011: the head of a number of companies belonging to the KVARTs Group of companies
(construction of energy generating facilities on turnkey basis, repair works, implementation of energy generation facility equipment upgrade and modernization programs).
2011 till 2014: Adviser to Director General , RC Energostroy (a Russian Company, the supplier of energy generation equipment manufactured by high profile China companies for construction of energy generating facilities in the RF and the CIS countries).
Since 2014 till now: Adviser to Director General, KVARTs New Technologies (an engineering company dealing with construction, upgrading, and reconstruction of energy generating facilities).
Since 2011: a member of KVARTs New Technologies Management Board.
Since 2014: Chairman of the Solar Systems (a subdivision of Amur Sirius Energy, a Chinese company) Management Board.

About the Company

Solar Systems was established in March 2014. Up to 2020, it is planned to build solar energy parks in Astrakhan, Samara, and Volgograd Regions, Stavropol Territory, Republic of Bashkortostan. Putting into operation 20 solar energy parks will make it possible to increase the installed capacity of the energy systems for these regions by 365 MW. The total sum to be invested is 48.8 billion rubles.
Kimal Yusupov
Director General of Vestas Rus, Vestas Manufacturing
A graduate of Tashkent Technical University, the Energy Department.

Professional Experience
After graduating from the Energy Department of Tashkent Technical University, continued his professional activity at Novo-Angrensk GRES (Regional Hydro-Electric Energy plant), Syrdarya GRES, Zmiev GRES, Kardia TPP.
2006 till 2018: working in Moscow office of Siemens company, including management of the RES Department.
Since April 2018, working in the Vestas global company, managing Vestas Rus and Vestas Manufacturing Rus in Russia.

About the Company

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is the oldest and one of the largest wind generator manufacturers. By 2017, Vestas has installed 60,530 wind generators of 83,260 MW total capacity in 63 countries. Vestas is planning to build a wind energy generation park in Ulianovsk. The planned capacity of the wind park is 50 MW, it will include 14 V126 turbines of 3.6 MW capacity each.
Director General of Vershina Development LLC, a representative of CORE VALUE CAPITAL GmbH consortium including Vershina Development LLC and GREEN SOURCE CONSULTING GmbH

Siberia-American Management Department, Irkutsk, RF, specialist in Management, 2004; University of Maryland University College, USA – Bachelor in Management, 2003

Professional Experience

Playing a key role in the strategic management of the group of companies at international level. The group of companies is implementing a solar energy project portfolio for the RF with the total capacity of 135 MW, including 60 MW that are already built or to be completed by the first quarter of 2019. Projects are being developed for South-East Asia and the CIS contries.
Independent solar energy project development, consulting in terms of M&A for solar energy project portfolio (2016-2017), RF

Mr. Shevchenko has structured a deal with Austrian investors for joint acquisition of a solar energy project portfolio with the total capacity of 135 MW. Participating in a successful selling of several solar energy project portfolios for the RF, with the total capacity of 255 MW.

The Solar Energy group of companies (2014-2015), RF – Director General of the management company. Formation of a solar energy project portfolio for the RF with the total capacity of 435 MW.

IBS DEVELOPMENT (2011-2014), RF, a partner. Managing projects in the sphere of structuring of project financing, financing consulting, and project management for more than 30 projects in the fields of energy generation, oil and gas, oil and gas logistics, telecom. The head of the team having successfully made 4 deals for the total amount over $90 million for projects of financing, refinancing, and leasing instruments for GAZPROMBANK projects in energy generation, oil and gas, oil and gas logistics (2008-2013), RF; the head of the department managing financing of energy projects. Participation in attraction of over $2 billion investment credits. Financial consulting for Mosenergo OJSC when organizing financing from Credit Agricole CIB and Nord LB banks, when supplying equipment for Siemens for the amount of €415 million covered by EULER HERMES insurance. It was the deal of the year according to Trade Finance journal. Financial consulting for Rosatom State Corporation in the tender for construction of Temelin NPS (Czech Republic) (with the project budget of €9 billion) and construction of Akkuyu NPS (Turkey) according to the BOOT scheme (the project budget of over €9 billion). Participated in financing arrangement for the construction of CCGT energy generation unit for Kirov HPS-3 OJSC, Territorial Generating Company 5. The project budget is ~$350 million

TNK -VR MANAGEMENT OJSC (2006-2008), RF. Manager of energy projects, Department Director, Department Deputy Director. Participated in organizing financing for the development of Kovykt gas condensate field. Implemented a construction project for the 3rd energy generation block of 400 MW Nizhnevartovsk HPP. Managed the development of 2 projects in the sphere of construction of energy generating facilities for a daughter company of TNK VR with the installed capacity of over 600 MW each.
Igor Shakhray
Director General of Hevel group of companies

In 1997, graduated from Irkutsk State Economic Academy with a degree in economy.
In 2008, acquired an MBA degree at the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the RF Government with the major in Management of Company Value.

Professional Experience

Project management at Renova Management subsidiary.
In June 2010, acquired a position of Deputy Director General in economics and financing at Hevel group of companies, later became the First Deputy Director General.
Since December 2013, director in solar module production of Hevel plant. Under his management, the plant was commissioned into operation and reached its rated capacity.
Since August 2015, he is the Dierctor General of Hevel group of companies.
In the quarter II of the year 2017, under the management of Igor Shakhray, modernization of an active production line in Novocherkassk was completed, and the plant started production of solar modules based on a completely new hetero-structural technology.
Alexey Zhikharev
RREDA director
Partner, VYGON Consulting

Graduate of the International Economic Relations Department of the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, holds Ph. D. in Economics.

Professional Experience

Alexey has been working in the electricity sector since 2003.
He is a partner at advisory company VYGON Consulting and is responsible for the power sector practice.
2011 - 2016: worked at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank group, where occupied a position of the Deputy Head of Russia Renewable Energy Program and head of investors and government relations.
2008 - 2010: worked at advisory company Mercados EMI, responsible for coordination and expert support of power sector projects.
2003 - 2008: worked at RAO UES, of Russia,at the Market and Corporate Strategy department.
Patrick Willems
International Energy Consultant
Former Project Manager, IFC (WBG) Russia Renewable Energy Program
Patrick has been working in the renewables sphere since the momentum picked up around the millennium change in Europe and endeavors to likewise transform the energy landscape in carbon rich countries in the former Soviet Union. Under the IFC program, Russia finally opened up to greening the energy supply with a capacity payment mechanism.

Patrick is an International Energy Policy consultant with 25 years of professional experience in investments facilitation and business ventures in the energy sector. He spent most of the last 25 years in the CIS, specializing in the development and implementation of energy policies involving public and private stakeholders.

Before joining IFC, Patrick was in charge of the Renewable Energy Policy Project for Russia, financed by the European Commission. During his tenure he built inroads with the Ministry of Energy and other stakeholders at the federal and regional level. He has a broad understanding of renewables and the respective effectiveness and efficiency of policy measures undertaken the past fifteen years by the Member Countries of the European Union.

Patrick is from Belgium where he got his undergraduate degree in Business Administration, moving on to a graduate degree in Marketing in France and an MBA in International Finance at Indiana University in the United States.
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